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We haven’t purchased chemicals in almost two years.  My Environmental Services cost center is under budget and Tersano is one of the reasons.

David Reed, Unit Director of Environmental Services
Horizon House CCRC

Quick Facts

  • A progressive, Continuing Care Retirement Community in Seattle
  • Offers 7 levels of care from Independent Living to Memory-Care
  • 700 residents live in 396 apartments and 106 supported rooms

“Our residents at Horizon are highly educated and very progressive,” explains Reed.  “Because of that, they are really resistant to the smell of chemicals and asked us to find an alternative way to clean and sanitize.”

With 1.2 million square feet of cleanable space across the campus and 35 FTEs cleaning two shifts daily, Reed needed to find a green cleaner that performed well and was also cost-efficient.

His predecessor had tried an alternative cleaning product based on passing electricity through salt water to create a green cleaner—but the solution left a residue and the salt mixture corroded surfaces.  “The other system was also pretty expensive to rent on a monthly basis and so we kept looking for a better solution,” he shares.  “Eventually my colleague at Virginia Mason Hospital recommended I try the Tersano water.”  Tersano dispensers create stabilized aqueous ozone (SAO) – a highly-effective, safe and sustainable cleaner and sanitizer.

After extensive research, Reed liked what he saw in the Tersano product, but knew he had to educate his staff and the wider residential community on the benefits of cleaning and sanitizing with SAO instead of traditional chemicals.  “We didn’t just bring the Tersano units in and say ‘Here you go, now use these.’” he says.  “We used the videos, testimonials, and other educational tools to help everyone understand what we were going to do.”  Reed cautions:  “If we hadn’t done the upfront education to create the community buy-in, we wouldn’t have the widespread acceptance we have today.”

Being water-based, the product couldn’t be greener. The big question, however, was whether it worked.  Says Reed, “We still use a carpet spotter to get at tough stains, but overall the Tersano water is very effective at cleaning almost all surfaces.  We particularly appreciate its effectiveness on removing odors from urine in the carpets – which is critical in a continuing care community like ours.”

And while Reed has to keep an eye on the bottom-line,t he believes SAO is about more than saving money.  “Of course, the financial case is compelling. But switching from traditional cleaning chemicals is about safety as well – if not more so.”  He shares a story:  “About a month ago, we had a staff member get splashed in the eyes with the Tersano water.  She’s fine, of course.  But thank goodness it hadn’t been a chemical-based sanitizer or degreaser.”

Could Reed ever go back to chemical cleaners?  “No, I don’t think so.  There’s just no reason to.  I use the three S’s to describe the benefits from switching:  safety, sustainability and savings.  The three together make Tersano water a slam-dunk.”